Spooky, Sweet and Short – Spirit Sight

Spirit Sight is a trio of short stories about paranormal investigator, Jessica, and a skeptical contractor, Greg, who get caught up in a series of ghostly adventures.

The stories are available individually or in a collection.

Whispers In the Dark

Rose on the Grave

Third Eye Open


Get all three Spirit Sight stories in one volume along with a bonus holiday story!

Running into a one-night stand the day after is always awkward. It’s even more awkward when you’ve been hired as a paranormal investigator to inspect a haunted house and find out your one-night stand is the owner’s son, and that he thinks you’re a total fraud!

Jessica is determined to discover the truth about hauntings while Greg is determined to reveal that it’s all bunkum. But they’re both in for the fight of their lives when they face the malevolence lingering in his childhood home.

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Spending a weekend at a romantic bed and breakfast is the perfect way to revive a spark in a faltering relationship. But it doesn’t go so well when the B&B offers a unique “haunted” experience and wants Jessica to confirm the presence of ghosts.

Greg suspects that something isn’t right with the owner’s story, but never suspected that his efforts to discover the truth would threaten to destroy his relationship with Jessica.

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Entertainment and ghosts aren’t great partners. Ghosts tend to be unreliable and entertainment always demands more: bigger hauntings, more dramatic encounters. Greg thought that he and Jessica were on the same page, which is why he’s shocked to discover that she’s considering joining on-screen paranormal investigators to create a new ghost hunting show.

Will Jessica be able to maintain her integrity and still perform as her employers expect?

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