Secret Superheroes – Meet the Lalassu

Woman in mask and catsuit, sitting and brooding on a rooftop against a cloudy moonlit sky

The word “lalassu” comes from ancient Akkadian, meaning ghost or hidden. The lalassu are a secret society of those with supernatural talents who have been hiding in plain sight for millennia.

Discover a world of adventure, romance, and superpowers in this exciting series!

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Revelations *** Metamorphosis *** Inquisition *** Judgment *** Division *** Incendiary (work in progress)


Dani, a burlesque dancer with superstrength, enhanced senses and a terrible secret.

Michael, a psychic child therapist who can discover a person’s inner secrets with a single touch.

The two of them must join together to have any hope of finding the people they care about before they disappear into a dark world of stolen superheroes. But as they get deeper into these hidden realms, they will have to make the ultimate hero’s choice: save the world? Or save each other.

The Hunt is On.

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Lily is a bear shapeshifter, the Guardian of a remote, hidden community of lalassu unable to hide in urban society.

Ron is a genetically modified supersoldier struggling with addiction and his traumatic past as he tries to escape from the corporation who altered him.

When Ron stumbles onto Lily’s tiny community deep in the forests of the Alaska/Yukon border, he doesn’t realize that his life depends on their acceptance. Lily and her family struggle to hide the truth of their community from him, but as feelings deepen, the lies stand between them.

What neither realize is that Ron’s past is hard on his heels and threatens all of them.

Heroes aren’t born. They become.

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Joe is a cop who only recently discovered that the lalassu exist. And the knowledge isn’t settling easily.

Cali is a metamorph, able to transform her appearance at will. Her alternate personas, Boomerang, a professional thief, and Colleen, an industrial spy, allow her to focus on her utmost goal: protecting her boss and mentor, Andre Dalhard.

Joe is determined to put Dalhard in jail for the man’s crimes against the lalassu. He befriends Colleen and crosses swords with Boomerang and finds himself confused about the strong feelings he’s developing for both women.

Both of them are going to have to face uncomfortable truths if they want a chance at a happily ever after.

What you see isn’t always what you get.

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Martha was struggling back when she was a single mom of a child with delusions and severe developmental delays. But then she discovered her daughter, Bernie, was actually a medium who spoke to ghosts and they went on the run. Now she’s being asked to infiltrate a black site prison that holds captured lalassu.

Lou doesn’t like words. He’s a bear shifter who’s more comfortable in the wildnerness than in four walls. But he’ll do whatever he can to keep Martha safe. Even when it raises new and disturbing feelings that he never expected to feel with a human woman.

Together they’ll uncover a world of secret experiments, brutal torture, and systematic deprivation. It’s not enough to reveal what’s happening. They’re going to have to take action.

Never underestimate a mom with a mission.

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Vincent is very comfortable in his role as the family screw-up. He might have superstrength but his real gift is always making the wrong decision.

Annika never knew she was one of the lalassu until she was rounded up and put in a prison camp. She has invulnerable skin but that doesn’t mean that she can’t be hurt, especially when she was in the hands of a sadistic doctor. She’s determined to secure her place in this new world and get revenge on those who hurt her.

Vincent is supposed to train Annika but he can barely keep his own life together. But as they progress, they both end up surprising themselves.

When alliances shatter, a choice must be made. Revolution or redemption?

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Eric and Tori, aka Torch, were one another’s first loves. And each other’s first broken hearts. When they reconnect, they discover their feelings haven’t been as buried as they initially thought.

They need to work together to create a safe way for the lalassu to find places of refuge where they won’t be persecuted or hunted.