EVEL Worlds – FUC (Furry United Coalition)

Eve Langlais’s Furry United Coalition is an amazing collection of fun, quick reads about unique and unusual shapeshifters. I’ve joined the other authors writing in this world that combines humour and action-adventures, adding my own installment of hijinks at the Furry United Coalition’s Newbie Academy, Monkey and the G.O.A.T.

This is a fun, standalone adventure of a goat shifter and a monkey shifter on the run through Bogota, Colombia and Vancouver, British Columbia in a second chance romance.

Inspired by a video of a monkey riding a goat while enjoying a treat of freshly picked raspberries, this is my first foray back into professional writing after the pandemic and I’m delighted to get to share it with you all!

William is a goat shifter in training at FUC’s Newbie Academy. He’s good with rules, not so good with working with others. His partners have a tendency to run screaming for the hills (or ending up locked in a trunk). His family is relying on him to get a good job with FUC to save their family farm and he’s going to do everything he can to make it happen.

When he’s given a make-or-break assignment, it seems simple enough. Fly to Bogota, Columbia and pick up a rogue shifter. Bring that shifter back to the Academy.

He wasn’t expecting the rogue shifter to be his first love, Jasmine, the monkey shifter who broke his heart by disappearing. He’s been a good student, but somehow missed the Academy’s lesson on “When You’re Assigned To Arrest Your Ex-Girlfriend.”

Jasmine is trying to protect her cousin from a powerful crime cartel. Somehow she’s ended up with information that the cartel is willing to kill for while also being wanted by FUC and the NSA. And then there’s the whole William coming back into her life. She’s caught between conflicting feelings: a rekindled romance and a deep-seated grudge for what happened when she disappeared.

But how can a girl end up not taking a second chance on a perfect G.O.A.T. (Greatest of All Time)?

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