Investigating The Supernatural: Special Investigations

The Special Investigations series is set in the same world as the Lalassu series, but from the perspective of those tasked with protecting the world from those with superpowers.

Special Investigations is published through Soul Mate Publishing and is available through Kindle Unlimited and through Amazon in ebook and print format.

If you’re looking for romantic suspense with a paranormal twist, then this is the series for you!

Katie is a performer and songwriter, not to mention the manager for her step-sister, the self-proclaimed Princess of Pop. She’s busy running a multi-continental business and organizing a global live tour. She doesn’t have time to deal with a stalker leaving creepy notes and gifts.

Ben is a Special Investigations agent, assigned to investigate Katie’s stalker. His talents include a keen analytical mind and the ability to stand and brood protectively for hours at a time. He suspects that her stalker has supernatural gifts, specifically the psychic ability to cause people to forget their interactions with him as soon as they look away. It’s the ultimate talent to hide in plain sight.

The only problem is that he’s far too distracted by the growing feelings between him and Katie. And if Ben is going to keep her alive, he needs use all of his skills at their top level.

On the other side of the spotlight, anyone can be watching.

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