Rose on the Grave

After the incredible haunting at his parents’ home, Greg and Jessica partner to investigate more hauntings together.  But events aren’t going as smoothly as they might have hoped.

Jessica thought she was finally becoming a medium like her mother.  After years of only being able to guess at what was real and what wasn’t in her paranormal investigations, the idea of being able to directly observe and communicate with ghosts was the exciting culmination of a dream come true.  Except no matter how hard she tries, the otherworld remains invisible to her senses.

Greg has his own troubles.  Despite Jessica’s reassurances, he’s not convinced the dark entity who possessed him is entirely gone.  Ever since the possession, he hasn’t felt comfortable in his own skin and his temper has been on edge.  He’s terrified by the idea that it could be lurking deep in his subconscious, ready to lash out at the woman he loves.

When they receive an invitation to investigate a haunted bed and breakfast, Rose on the Grave, it seems like the perfect opportunity to get away and reconnect.  But with an owner who knew Jessica’s mother, ghosts that defy all expectations, and a company known more for its hoaxes than its hauntings, the last thing the weekend will be is relaxing.