Book cover: man in leather jacket standing protectively in front of a woman, a red washed background. Title: Division, Author: Jennifer Carole Lewis

Division: Book 5 of the Lalassu

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When alliances shatter, a choice must be made. Revolution or redemption?

Vincent Harris has three talents: his enhanced strength means he can rip apart a building with his bare hands, his supernatural senses let him pick up the faintest conversations or scents, and he can always be relied on to make the absolutely worst possible decision or inappropriate joke.

It’s not a surprise that his superpowered family has dismissed him as shallow jester.  They’ve got bigger problems to deal with in their new isolated mountain refuge.  That suits Vincent.  Ever since he was a child, he’s wanted nothing to do with the so-called gods who direct his family and guide the secret society of the lalassu.  It’s not until he faces a fiercely stubborn woman across the sparring floor that he realizes he could become something more than the family screw-up.

Annika Hirdwall never even knew she had a superpower.  But invulnerable skin doesn’t mean she can’t be hurt.  After escaping the underground lab in Woodpine, she’s never going to allow anyone to get the better of her again, not even the arrogant and withdrawn man assigned to train her for combat.  She’s determined to put aside her old life as a fashionista and casting agent and take up the role of a hero.  Assuming she doesn’t throttle her incredibly frustrating trainer first.

Neither Annika or Vincent is used to asking for help or trusting anyone else, but as they come to rely on one another, the world around them is falling apart.

The isolated town of Founder’s Pass has become a refuge for the lalassu and occulata, but tensions are rising between the traditionalists and those who have only recently discovered their powers.  The world already rejects and fears them, but now they’re threatening to tear themselves apart.  The Harris family is being challenged for the right to rule and an ancient power is moving against them.

Vincent and Annika will need to make their own hero’s choice: will they seek redemption for their past mistakes, or will they join the revolution?