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Welcome to Past the Mirror/JCLewis, the one-stop site for all of my books and information!

Unfortunately, I’ve had a wee technical issue and had to completely wipe and recreate my website. I hope you’ll all be kind while I get things set up again. But I’ve got the essentials good to go! You’ll be able to find my books here, including my latest release: Monkey and the GOAT from Evel World’s FUC Academy, releasing February 14, 2023 and available for preorder!

I got knocked down by the pandemic and health-issues but I’m back! I’m going to be a little slower than before, but I like to think that my stories are worth the wait!

Please check them out:

If you’d like to start with a free book, then sign up for my newsletter and you’ll get a copy of my very first book, Revelations, for free! Or you can check out the other four books currently available in the Lalassu series.

Or you can try my short stories, a lovely set of ghost hunter romances collected in Spirit Sight.

Or there’s my Special Investigation series, with its first book: Deadly Potential.

Meanwhile, I’ll keep working on my latest works in progress and on this website. I’m looking forward to getting to share more with you soon!