Rose on the Grave

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Professional ghost hunter Jessica and general contractor Greg are both bearing scars from their encounter with the demon box. When they get a chance to investigate a haunted bed and breakfast, Rose on the Grave, they both feel an obligation to determine if the Rose’s ghosts are real or frauds.

Jessica is struggling with a medium gift which seems to have gone dormant and Greg is fighting nightmares.  As they get worse, he’s left to wonder if it’s only the horror he’s experienced or if the demon has left something of itself behind.  As the investigation progresses, they find themselves on opposite sides concerning Christie, owner of the Rose.  A former friend of Jessica’s mother and a self-proclaimed medium, Jessica hopes that Christie will be able to guide her own gifts.  But Greg doesn’t trust Christie or her methods.

As the investigation progresses, Jessica and Greg find themselves drawn even deeper into a world of ghosts and strange powers.  Otherworldly messages warn of dramatic changes to come and send them on a rescue mission to save a little girl named Bernie.  Caught up in the maelstrom, the only way they can get through it is together.