Whispers in the Dark



Strange noises?  Things moving on their own?

Lights turning off and on by themselves?



interstitialWhen Greg Cooke finds a flyer for a paranormal investigator in his mother’s kitchen, he’s ready for a fight.  How can anyone be willing to waste money on such an obvious scam?  He’s spent ten years as a contractor and seen his share of odd drafts and banging pipes without ever needing to explain it supernaturally.

Jessica Miles is used to dealing with hostility from both sides of the fence.  Believers hate her as a debunker and someone using science to examine what they take on faith.  Skeptics hate her for taking time and effort to investigate “hokum” such as ghost sightings.  But when she arrives to help an older couple with the mysterious goings on at their home, she is astounded at the level of hostility from their son, especially after a far more congenial meeting the night before.

Together the two of them will investigate one of the most extreme hauntings of Jessica’s career.  Greg will have to decided whether or not to continue believing that Jessica is a scam and Jessica will have to draw on years of experience from her family of mediums just to help them survive.


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