woman standing in front of a field of stars with a ship's wheel

A Star To Steer Her By

Created specially for the Steamy Cogs II anthology for 2019’s Romancing the Capital, A Star To Steer Her By is a steampunk-inspired paranormal romance short story.

All Captain Rebecca Arisdesia ever wanted was freedom.  The freedom to fly the skies and not be caught up in dirtside social expectations.  But every ship has to make port sometimes and even free spirits need to pay for supplies and docking fees.  Flying cargo across the Atlantic pays the bills.  But when she discovers a naked man being smuggled in her cargo bay, her life will never be the same.

As an empath, Daniel is on the run from multiple governments.  His unique mind allows him to access the memories of his ancestors, including the era before the devastation of the Oil Wars.  His only chance is to make his way to the rumored safe haven of Sanctuary.

When he wakes up unexpectedly on Rebecca’s airship, he has to convince her not to turn him in to the authorities.  And the only tools he has are his memories.  And possibly his heart.

You can check out some of the other Steamy Cogs stories individually, or come and see me in person for a chance to pick up the whole anthology while supplies last.

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