Book covers for Lalassu series
Books of the Lalassu: paranormal romantic suspense

Welcome to PasPast the Mirror w city 4 copyt the Mirror, where we step through the looking glass into all the weird and wonderful realms that lay just out of our everyday sight.  Come with me to enjoy ghosts, shapeshifters, mediums and at least one or two superheroes.

I love stories of action and adventure with a twist of weird, strong female characters, and snappy dialogue.  And the most important part, there’s always a happily ever after at the end.


Deadly Potential: Book 1 of Special Investigations: paranormal romantic suspense

If you like stories about people with amazing powers, such as superstrength, the ability to shapeshift, and finding out secrets through touch, please check out my lalassu series.

For the flip side, my Special Investigations series will tell the stories of those who take on the job of protecting the world from fantastic powers and protecting those with powers from a sometimes fearful world.

And if you want something a little shorter with a side of spooky, my Spirit Sight short stories tells the story of a science-minded ghost hunter and a skeptical contractor coping with a dangerous haunting.

Covers of Spirit Sight short stories

There’s also plenty to entertain you on the website. My blog has updates on my writing progress, and my monthly features, Heroine Fix (Amazing and interesting female characters from pop culture), and Hidden Diamonds (sharing my fellow romance authors with the world).

If you want more behind the scenes information, Under the Covers, my author commentary shares chapter by chapter notes about my stories.

And if you’d like to pick up one of my books in person, Events and Appearances is the best place to find out where I’ll be. Or you can contact me at jclewis@pastthemirror.com. I love getting reader feedback!

We don’t create a fantasy world to escape reality.  We create it to be able to stay. – Lynda Barry