About Me

Profile pic 2 - JC LewisHow do you define a person? Can I be named, catalogued, numbered and filed? As it turns out, for the most part, you can. Here are some of the roles I’m most proud of.

I’m a mother of two wonderful boys.  I’m a writer of paranormal romance.  I’m an unabashed comic and movie geek.  I love to read.  I enjoy science fiction, urban fantasy and romance (paranormal, suspense, adventure and many other subgenres) on the fiction side.  In non-fiction, I enjoy biographies, political and cultural commentary, true crime and relationship exploration.

I’m Canadian. I’m a fan of irony.  The vast majority of my life runs to a musical soundtrack (ranging from classical to metal to pop to children’s music) and I like it like that.  I’m a believer in eclecticism, destiny and the power of energy in the universe. I definitely believe there is more out there than we will ever understand and I hope we never run out of mysteries to explore.