Third Eye Open

When the world discovered superpowers were real, suddenly Jessica and Greg had more paranormal investigations than they could handle.  Everyone suddenly seems convinced there are ghosts everywhere and sorting out the hopeful from the scared from the genuinely haunted is turning into a full time job.

Too bad neither of them gets paid to do it.

Both of them are stretching themselves thin to try and do it all.  Greg is stuck dealing with entitled jerks at contract sites to earn extra money.  Jessica can’t remember the last time she had a good night’s sleep.

When they receive an offer to revive Jessica’s mom’s old show, Spirit Sight: Conversations from the Grave, it’s a tough decision.  On the one hand, it would let them earn money for their investigations.  On the other, the pressure to perform on demand was what ruined Jessica’s mother’s career and reputation.

Jessica and Greg agree to a trial run, but what initially appears to be a mother haunting her infant son and his grandparents will turn out to be more dangerous than they could have imagined.  A threat from their past is back and ready to destroy them both.