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Whispers In The Dark:

When Jessica Miles, paranormal investigator, and Greg Cook, contractor, spend a steamy night together, the last thing they expect is to have to come face to face with one another when Jessica arrives to investigate a haunting at his parents’ house.

Greg is convinced that anyone claiming to see ghosts is a liar or a fraud.  But as Jessica uncovers more and more secrets lurking in his parents’ home, the two of them will need to work together if they want to survive.


Rose On the Grave:

After facing the dark entity, Jessica and Greg expected their lives to go smoother.  But she’s fighting a depression when her newfound psychic powers turn out to be temporary and he’s terrified the entity is still lurking somewhere in his subconscious.

When they receive an invitation to investigate a haunted bed and breakfast, Rose on the Grave, it seems like the perfect opportunity to get away and reconnect.  But with an owner who knew Jessica’s mother, ghosts that defy all expectations, and a company known more for its hoaxes than its hauntings, the last thing the weekend will be is relaxing.


Third Eye Open:

When the world discovered superpowers were real, suddenly Jessica and Greg had more paranormal investigations than they could handle.  Everyone suddenly seems convinced there are ghosts everywhere and sorting out the hopeful from the scared from the genuinely haunted is turning into a bigger job than either of them can handle.

When they receive an offer to revive Jessica’s mom’s old show, Spirit Sight: Conversations from the Grave, it’s a tough decision.  Jessica and Greg agree to a trial run, but what initially appears to be a mother haunting her infant son and his grandparents will revive a threat from their past.


And a bonus story: The Spirit of the Holidays

Find out what happened before Jessica and Greg rescued Bernie and her mother, Martha, in Rose on the Grave.  A short story about chosen family at Christmas.

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