Judgment: Book Four of the Lalassu

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How far would you go to protect your child?

Martha Anderson gave up everything to help her daughter: her career, her marriage, and her life.  She devoted years to Bernie’s therapy and medication, only to discover the voices that her daughter heard were real: the voices of the dead.  For the last year, they’ve been hiding in Ekurru, a remote sanctuary in the Alaskan wilderness, to keep Bernie safe from those who would exploit her abilities.

Surrounded by those with fantastic powers, Martha has struggled to just keep getting through each day.  Intimidated and overwhelmed, survival has become enough of a goal until the day the lalassu needed someone without supernatural abilities.

When the lalassu were revealed to the public, they were met with fear and violence.  Claiming it was for their protection, the government began sending any lalassu they found to an isolated evaluation camp.  It was supposed to be temporary, but no one has been coming back.

The lalassu need Martha to go into the camp as their undercover agent and separate fact from rumor, bringing back evidence of what she discovers.

Lou Charging Bull, a skin-walker and one of the Guardians of Ekurru, agrees to go with her to protect her and Bernie, surprising himself and his family.  But ever since Martha came to Ekurru, she has been on the mind of its strange and silent protector.  Alone even in his isolated community, Lou sees a hint of a kindred spirit in Martha.  He sees something extraordinary in the ordinary woman who chooses to stand against overwhelming forces

Together the two of them will discover things are far more dangerous in the camp than anyone could have imagined.  With human experimentation, restless prisoners and a murderous ghost, finding the space for love to grow might seem like a hopeless goal.  But Martha and Lou will find strength in each other that they never knew was possible.

They’ll teach the world an important lesson: Never underestimate a mom with a mission.

Ebooks available everywhere but print is only online at Amazon.


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