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Book Four of the Lalassu. 

Martha never thought she would miss her life on the run but after a year of hiding out in Ekurru, in the Alaskan wilderness, with her daughter, Bernie, she desperately misses cable TV, restaurants and speaking with more than half a dozen people.  But Ekurru is still better than the rest of the world, as paranoia about lalassu builds into panic.

When the Guardians of Ekurru discover that the government is building a forced rehabilitation camp nearby to hold captured lalassu, they need more information.  Martha volunteers to go undercover to learn what she can.  To her surprise, the skinwalker, Lou, volunteers to go with her while Ron and Lily take care of Bernie.

Lou has always been more comfortable in his bear-shape than his human one but for the last year, he’s found himself on two legs more than four.  But Martha has never seen him as more than a piece of the background.  He isn’t sure if she will ever be ready to accept who and what he is, but either way, he’s determined to make sure she comes out of the lion’s den safely.