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I’m currently working on Deadly Potential, the first book in a new series which I intend to pitch to the traditional publishers at the Romance Writers of America’s national conference in Denver (July 2018).  However, I’m also working on Book 5 of the Lalassu series, which should be out sometime in 2019 and the third Spirit Sight Short Story.  Both of these are still in need of a title.

Book 5 of the Lalassu: (urban fantasy, romance, paranormal, suspense)

To be released in 2019

Vincent Harris has spent his life running away from responsibility.  It ruins an otherwise great time.  And after nearly losing his entire family and his mind, he’s even more resistant.  But no matter how many sarcastic quips he throws out, he keeps finding himself at the center of a rapidly transforming world.  And if he doesn’t want to drown, he find a way to stay on top of the dangers surrounding him.

Annika Frye might have invulnerable skin but that doesn’t mean she can’t get hurt.  She didn’t even know she was one of the lalassu until Special Investigations showed up on her door.  Then she found herself hauled up North to a internment camp, medically tortured, and scheduled for execution.  To say that she doesn’t want anything to do with the lalassu ever again would be an understatement.

But neither of them have the choice to sit on the sidelines any more.  Not if they want to have a chance to survive.

Deadly Potential: Book One of Special Investigations: (urban fantasy, romance, suspense)

Release date unknown

When the world discovered that people with superpowers were real, they panicked and demanded that someone step up and protect them.  The Bureau of Special Investigations was created to answer that call.

Investigator Ben Morgan might have only been working for Special Investigations for the past three years, but sometimes it feels like three decades.  The lalassu hate him, calling him a bigot.  The public blames him every time they get scared.  And he’s working in a field where there are no experts, no precedence and no grasp of what is real and what is impossible.  But he’s determined to protect both the lalassu and the public from any and all bullies, no matter what powers stand against him.

Katie Ballard has her hands full managing her sister’s pop star career.  But when she starts receiving mysterious letters promising to jump start her own career, she quickly learns that her secret admirer won’t take no for an answer.  And when she discovers that she may have been targeted by a stalker with supernatural powers, there’s only one place she can turn.

Ben may not know what sort of powers he’s facing, but he will do his job to protect Katie.  It’s a welcome distraction from feelings he’d rather not acknowledge but can’t ignore as the two of them are plunged into a world of music, glamor, and danger.

# 3 Spirit Sight Short Story: (urban fantasy, paranormal, romance)

To be released in September 2018

Jessica and Greg knew it would be challenging to maintain a relationship between a ghost-hunting medium and a down-to-earth contractor.  But what they didn’t anticipate was the government taking an interest in Jessica’s supernatural skills.

So how can she explain that her ability to sense ghosts is neither reliable nor predictable but that she’s also not a scam artist?