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Latest Release Special Investigations Case Files

Short stories! Ghosts and Steampunk

Latest release: Lalassu

Next release: Lalassu

Sequel: Special Investigations Case Files

New project: Best Face Forward

Available on Amazon: Deadly Potential: A Special Investigations Case File (Book 1)

Released on October 23 2019 from Soul Mate Publishing

How can anyone protect themselves from a serial killer who can make someone forget they ever saw him?  In a world where superpowers are very real, that’s where the Investigators of the Bureau of Special Investigations come in. Romantic suspense with paranormal elements.

An RTC special!

woman standing in front of a field of stars with a ship's wheel

A Star To Steer Her By: a steampunk short story inspired by Romancing the Capital. Released August 1.

Spirit Sight Short Stories

Covers of Spirit Sight short stories

The Spirit Sight short stories are being released in April/May 2019.

Whispers in the Dark: released April 30, 2019. Available now!

Rose on the Grave: released May 7, 2019. Available now!

Third Eye Open: released May 14, 2019. Available now!

Spirit Sight: a collection of all three stories plus a bonus story: The Spirit of the Holidays. Released May 14 2019. Available now!

The Lalassu

Division: Book Five of the Lalassu

Released July 7, 2020. Available now!

When alliances shatter, a choice must be made. Revolution or Redemption?

Upcoming Projects

Incendiary: Book Six of the Lalassu: Cover and release date to be announced

Everything has changed in the last few months. Priya and Karan’s official power may have been broken, but the threat they pose is far from removed. The sanctuary town of Founder’s Pass might have rallied together, but the original problems that threatened to tear the community apart are still unresolved.

Eric Harris is used to being the responsible one in the family. He was the one who pored over the old journals and maintained the connections with other lalassu. And what did it get him? A broken body and mind and a life turned upside down. Everything he once thought he’d have has been stripped away, but the one that still hurts the most is having to walk away from the one person he ever loved.

Victoria “Torch” Bianchi doesn’t do regrets. Or sentiment. Or hope. She was devastated when Eric left without a word when they were both in college. That moment of depression and vulnerability drew her deeper into her family’s organized crime businesses and taught her the one lesson she has always held fast to: a person who lets herself care is a person who can be hurt.

But now Eric is back in her life and stirring up feelings she thought she’d buried a long time ago. She’ll have to choose: does she want to stay in her safe, scorched earth landscape or will she take a chance on fresh flames searing her soul.

Buried embers burn the hottest.

Until Proven Guilty: A Special Investigations Case File

Despite many years as a professional magician, Tyler Valenza has not been able to make his legal troubles disappear. His unique physiology has given him a supersensitive sense of touch, which has aided him greatly in performing close up magic and dramatic illusions. However, a jury decided that he was also guilty of crashing a plane with his greatest professional rival and former assistant. No one has been willing to give him a chance to prove his innocence.

No one except Special Investigator Sam Adler. Socially isolated by her insight and intellect, she has a reputation as someone who can solve even the toughest cases in seconds. The more she investigates Tyler and the plane crash, the more it becomes clear that only a few facets of the truth were uncovered in the initial investigation.

When someone begins attacking Tyler in prison, arranging potentially fatal accidents, Sam will have a very difficult decision to make. Does she violate her oath to protect the first man not to be intimidated by her? Or does she play by the rules and keep her faith in the system?

Best Face Forward: Book One of Imaginary Friends

Running a cosplay business isn’t easy. It’s even harder when the guy of your dreams helps Julia with her wings at Fan Expo, but then had no idea who she is.

Peter hates costumes but agreed to help out a friend for Fan Expo. Then he gets the kiss of a lifetime from a woman dressed as Hawkgirl. But how do you find the woman of your dreams when you don’t even know her name?

A contemporary romance novel of mistaken identity, opposites attract and happily ever after.