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Covers of Spirit Sight short stories

The Spirit Sight short stories are being released in April/May 2019.

Whispers in the Dark: releases April 30, 2019. Available for pre-order now!

Rose on the Grave: releases May 7, 2019. Available for pre-order now!

Third Eye Open: releases May 14, 2019. Available for pre-order now!

Spirit Sight: a collection of all three stories plus a bonus story: The Spirit of the Holidays. Releases May 14 2019. Available for pre-order now!

Book cover Judgment

Judgment: Book Four of the Lalassu

Released May 14, 2018. Available now!

Never underestimate a mom with a mission.

Upcoming Projects

Deadly Potential: A Special Investigations Case File (Book 1)

Coming soon from Soul Mate Publishing

How can anyone protect themselves from a serial killer who can make someone forget they ever saw him?  In a world where superpowers are very real, that’s where the Investigators of the Bureau of Special Investigations come in.

When songwriter and manager Katie Ballard first began getting letters, she thought they were just another example of the fan mail that has been pouring in ever since her sister Aggi first became the Princess of Pop.  With a global concert tour to run and a sharp eye out for those who seek to take advantage of Aggi’s wealth and celebrity, Katie dismisses her secretive admirer until Investigators from Special Investigations arrive on her doorstep.

Investigator Ben Morgan’s life is all about his work, protecting both those who have powers and ordinary citizens from one another.  But from the moment he takes this case, he finds himself distracted by the cool, competent manager who has found herself targeted by one of the most infamous serial killers of the last decade.  He’ll need all of his renowned expertise and ability to think outside the box if he hopes to keep her alive.

For Katie, Ben might be one of the most attractive men she’s ever met but having her life turned upside down is hardly the way she wanted to begin a romance.  She might be used to handling everything on her own, but she will have to trust Ben as a protector and with her heart.

Together they’ll fight to keep Katie alive and out of the hands of a man who thinks the best way to get a happily ever after is to make sure there’s no tomorrow.

Division: Book Five of the Lalassu

What separates the truly persecuted from the posers?

The lalassu have taken over the abandoned mining town of Founder’s Pass and effectively sundered themselves from the rest of society.  In return, the rest of the world is becoming even more afraid and reactionary.  Assaults and accusations are flying and suspicion reigns supreme.

But it’s not all smooth sailing inside the boundaries of Founder’s Pass, either.  Factions are ripping the community apart.  Those who have been part of the lalassu secret society for generations are used to living an itinerant life, not being cooped up in one tiny town.  They’re not happy and they’re looking for someone to blame.  Those who have been recently identified as lalassu are struggling to cope with the twin burdens of isolation and learning to use their abilities.  Tensions are high and waiting for any spark to explode.

Annika Hirdwall used to be a casting agent in Los Angeles, finding the right people to be Tall Man # 2 or Woman With Stroller.  It might not have been the most exciting career but it certainly beat being held in a sub-Arctic evaluation camp under the control of a psychopathic researcher.  She’d much rather go back to sorting through headshots than training to be a superhero.

Vincent Harris has always been allergic to responsibility.  He’d much rather see himself as the wise-cracking sidekick than the hero in the spotlight.  But more and more, he’s becoming the one that the people in Founder’s Pass turn to when they have something to complain about.  And they have a lot to complain about, taking up time that he could be using to find out more about one intriguing new addition with dark eyes and a damaged soul.