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Past the Mirror w city 4 copyAs a fan of action, romance and the paranormal, I’ve combined all three in my novels and short stories.

Take a step through the mirror and trade reality for your heart’s desire.



Books of the Lalassu:

Revelations-mediumRevelations: Book One of the Lalassu

The saga begins with Dani and Michael.  A burlesque dancer and a developmental therapist, both have hidden their supernatural gifts.  Now they both must work together if they want to save those they care about from Andre Dalhard, who is collecting lalassu for his own dark purposes.

Every hero has a choice: Save the world? Or save each other?


MetamorphosisMetamorphosis: Book Two of the Lalassu

We continue with Ron McBride, introduced in Revelations, and meet Lily Charging Bull.  Ron escaped from Andre Dalhard, finding his way to Alaska where he meets Lily.  But Lily and her family are the Guardians of the Marked, sworn to protect the lalassu who cannot hide from society.

Andre Dalhard hasn’t given up his quest for acquiring a collection of supernatural slaves and his eyes have turned relentless north.  His assistant, Karan, reveals his own cold plans.

Heroes aren’t born. They become. 


Inquisiton_800 Cover reveal and Promotional(1)Inquisition: Book Three of the Lalassu

The saga continues with Detective Joe Cabrera, introduced in Revelations.  His life used to be much easier before he found out about the lalassu.  He can only focus on two things: keeping Andre Dalhard in prison and the new lady in his life, Colleen Avila.

What he doesn’t know is that Colleen is only a mask for Cali, a master thief and master of disguise.  And she’s dedicated to rescuing Andre Dalhard, the man who saved her from the streets.  But as she learns more from Joe, she has to question the loyalty she always took for granted.

What you see isn’t always what you get. 

Judgment: Book 4 of the Lalassu

When the world found out about the lalassu, they didn’t react with open arms.  Herded into an isolated camp, the lalassu have become the subjects of experimentation and trapped without hope of escape.  Without any powers of her own, Martha Anderson has become the only one who can hope to go into this camp, learn what the lalassu need, and get out again.  But she’s no secret agent, only a mom who has tried to keep her daughter, Bernie, safe.

Lou Charging Bull offers to act as her protector, leaving his home in Bear Claw for the first time.  Ever since Martha first arrived in his remote community, something about her has held his attention.  He sees a core of strength underneath, one that even she seems to be unaware of.  With a skin-walker at her back and creeping into her heart, Martha will go further than she ever imagined possible.

Never underestimate a mom with a mission.  


Spirit Sight Short Stories:

Whispers in the DarkWhispers in the Dark: Spirit Sight # 1

The lalassu may be secret, but they can’t completely hide their traces from the rest of us.  Jessica, a paranormal investigator, has been hired by Greg’s parents to investigate the strange happenings at their home.  Greg, a general contractor, is more comfortable with what he can physically see and hear.  Surely ghosts are only for fireside tales.

Together they will find themselves facing the most terrifying investigation that either has ever seen.

Just one question: What’s in the box?


Rose smallRose on the Grave: Spirit Sight # 2

Jessica and Greg’s story continues.  Both have been scarred by their previous adventures and now they find themselves on opposite sides as they investigate Rose on the Grave, a haunted bed and breakfast.

Greg, haunted by nightmares and tormented by fears, is certain their host is a fraud.  Jessica, desperate to recapture her brief glimpse into the supernatural world, needs their host’s help to develop her own gifts.

As they move deeper into the supernatural world, otherworldly messages send them to rescue Bernie, a name which will be familiar to readers of Revelations.

The impossible is only a suggestion.